Uninstall extremely slow

When I want to install a new version while using of a pack it ask me to uninstall. When I press yes it takes extremely long to uninstall. For example I am now uninstalling the flexcell pack, I started it about 20 minutes ago and the progessbar is at about 5-10 percent. And yes this is a fast machine. Install takes seconds.
I am using Delphi XE5 and windows 10.
Uninstall through windows control center is just as slow.

I can only suspect this is something machine specific.
Our code does not really do anything special. It is a fairly standard InnoSetup script for the uninstall process. I suspect there is something else wrong with your machine.

Hi Bruno, I understand your reaction but it is only with your products, not with anything else.... Is there a simple way to manually deinstall your products?

Again, it is a standard InnoSetup installer used in thousands and thousands of software installs. The amount of files installed is maybe on the large side, but other than this, there is nothing special.
If InnoSetup somehow has an issue with your specific system, you could consider using TMS Smart Setup. Info is here : TMS Software | Blog