Unauthorized operation on unidirectional dataset

Hi everybody,

I try to display data into a TIWDBAdvWebGRid but I get a DatabaseError "Unauthorized operation on unidirectional dataset"

Indeed, the dataset is unidirectional (its a TSQLStoredProc) but I dont want to edit the datas, I just want to display them.
I didn't find any property in TIWDBAdvWebGRid to disable edition.
Does anybody can help me?


Editing is not enabled by default on the TIWDBAdvWebGrid, are you using custom property settings?
Can you make sure paging is disabled as this could be the cause of this kind of error?

Thanks for your help.
I don't use any custom properties. I just drop the grid on the form and set the datasource property to the one linked to my stored procedure. The error appears when calling the open method of the stored procedure.
How can I check if paging is enabled or not? I just see a "Page" property set to 0.

If the number of records is larger than RowCount, paging will automatically be enabled.

I would actually not recommend using a unidirectional dataset as it frequently happens that the data cursor moves back and forward in a databound grid.