Unable to run on Win64 when including a TTMSFNCChart with Series Type set to Stacked Bar

We are testing migrating our RAD Studio 10.3.3 apps from FMX Chart components to their FNC Chart equivalents. When running an app compiled for Windows 64 execution hangs at the creation of a Form with a TMSFNCChart with its series type set to Stacked Bar. When using Bar or Line (hadn't tested all chart types) the app runs and shows the charts correctly. Android 32 and Android 64 compilations have the same problem. Windows 32 and MacOS 64 have not this problem.

FNC Chart version:


What exact code did you use? Did you use BeginUpdate & EndUpdate?

Hi Pieter. No code. We observe the same problem with a blank FMX app: put a TTMSFNCChart object (with auto-initialized sample data on 3 series) -> double click it to edit its properties -> select tab Series -> select Serie 1 -> select tab Type -> click on Stacked Bar -> dialog shows: "Do you want to apply this chart type on all series?" click Yes -> close chart editor saving changes.

Build and run on Win32 -> OK
Build and run on Win64 -> Main Form never shows, and Windows displays "Not Responding" on taskbar


We have checked this here and can confirm the issue. Next version of TMS FNC Chart will fix the issue.