TypeError: td is undefined

Changing TWebDBGrid columns width raises this error at runtime.

TypeError: td is undefined | this.UpdateGridSize@http://localhost:8000/WebRezept/WebRezept.js:70550:13 this.UpdateElement@http://localhost:8000/WebRezept/WebRezept.js:70685:14 this.EndUpdate@http://localhost:8000/WebRezept/WebRezept.js:31856:43 this.EndUpdate@http://localhost:8000/WebRezept/WebRezept.js:32422:31 this.EndUpdate@http://localhost:8000/WebRezept/WebRezept.js:88574:55 this.AfterLoadDFMValues@http://localhost:8000/WebRezept/WebRezept.js:14795:12 this.LoadDFMValues@http://localhost:8000/WebRezept/WebRezept.js:89980:31 this.CreateNewForm@http://localhost:8000/WebRezept/WebRezept.js:40816:13 this.DoFormLoad@http://localhost:8000/WebRezept/WebRezept.js:40479:12 cb@http://localhost:8000/WebRezept/WebRezept.js:261:28
at http://localhost:8000/WebRezept/WebRezept.js [70550:13]

If designed with pure Delphi without any additional HTML / CSS this works.

Any idea? Thanks in advance!


I retested this here with Demo\Basics\DBGrid and change in code the column width but I cannot see such issue here. What are you different from this?

The difference might be that the grid is on subform with cssLibrary Bootstrap set and which is hosted in a container form with bootstrap css and a navbar in html.

Rebuild the form from scratch and now it works without an error.
Have no idea what happened before.

But it is not the first time that only recreation of a form solved problems.


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