TXDataWebDataSet.GetPendingUpdates not found

Before ApplyUpdates i want to test if there are any changes to apply and GetPendingUpdates is not a class member of TXDataWebDataSet. How to solve and use it ?

GetPendingUpdates is available in TXDataWebDataset. You can use it.

In last version ? i've webcore 1.8.2 and TXData 4.17 installed ...

You have an old TMS XData version, but that method is actually provide by Web Core. Yes, it should be. Well, to start with, have you tried? What compilation error do you get, exactly?


Did you try to compile it?

Can you tell me how use it please ? its return a boolean value ? then i will try to compile ...

You can use something like this:

  Info: TResolveInfoArray;
  Info := XDataWebDataSet1.GetPendingUpdates;
  if Length(Info) > 0 then