TXDataWebDataset and controlling ApplyUpdates

When you ApplyUpdates on a TXDataWebDataset you get any values updated on the server returned in the Info: TResolveResults as part of the AfterApplyUpdates.

This is useful as you can then update the local record and reflect those changes on the form. However, this will update the FChangeList on the underlying TJSONDataset and so those records will be resubmitted on future calls to ApplyUpdates (although they haven't actually changed as far as the server is concerned).

It would be useful to be able to not have the Changelist updated in this scenario so that when ApplyUpdates is called they are not resubmitted. At the moment the work around is to use the Id to re-fetch the record from the server, which isn't too bad but is an overhead that's not needed.

Is there a way to do this type of update without it reflecting as a modified dataset?

BTW, I might have asked this a long while back, but can't find the answer.

Maybe this was the one you looked for?

Can't you use that approach? Directly updating the dataset underlying object.

Thanks @wlandgraf that's the one.

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