TXDataclient.Post(<TLIST>...) possible


Is it possible to post a list of entities to the server in one go ? (To reduce the network traffic.). 
Why ? The user should be able to do some modifications (locally) and when all is fine, the changes are saved to the server (xdata).


P.S. : I'm very new to xData and discovering lots of cool features.

Yes, you can simply create a service operation (http://www.tmssoftware.biz/business/xdata/doc/web/service_operations.html) that receives a parameter of type TList<TMyEntity> and do the processing yourself.

Using TXDataClient.Post directly it's not possible, as it expects a single object.
Wouldn't it be possible to add a generic function to xdata to handle batch commands ? 


and the response body received by the post command:
{ "operations": [

Maybe in a future version, yes. We intend to add that, but no timeframe so far.


is there any progress on that issue?


We are currently working on a batch operation feature for Aurelius. To be released very soon.

Then we will see if and how it can be extended to XData.