Two ObjectManagers with different Classes


I have a situation where there are two ObjectManagers with two different databases?

Real example:

I have a datamodule with the first ObjectManager1 - this is used to see the list of customers (in a single table). The table has user/pass/db. Let's name the class TSysUsers

Form this data I dynamically create many datamodules for each database (all the DB-s are equal). This is handled by ObjectManager2). So I have a main ObjectManager1 and many ObjectManager2 (each for it's own DB). For simplicity let's assume they have just one class - TDocument

Is this approach OK? My goal is to have independant XData servers (eacho on his own datamodule), so the users can't interfere with each other. But also I would like To habe ObjectManager1 to see admin classes, the other ObjectManager2 to see the DB related classes.

ObjectManager1 must see only TSysUser, ObjectManager2 just TDocument - is this possible?

Hi Gomezel,
There is a possiblity to do this with Aurelius. I haven't used it myself but have read the documentation.
If you are a Aurelius user have a look:

Thank you!

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