TWebUSBHID Questions

I've been doing a deep dive into TWebUSBHID and the Google WebHID initiative. I am the author of the HIDmaker code generator products, and it looks like TWebUSBHID could provide interesting new capabilities for my customers who also use TMS components.

This is quite an achievement you folks have made, which can give my customers powerful new capabilities.

Looking at the libraries in my TMS purchases, I see your Demos\FNC\Dashboard USB\ demo that I will have to modify to test on the working HID devices I have over here.

Your library code refers to TJSArrayBufferRecord in many places.but I haven't found an actual definition of this type. From the project code, it sort of looks like this would be a record containing elements of the same size. Is that the case?

It also looks like the Google WebHID API may support Feature Reports, but I get the sense that TMS WEB Core does not support Feature Reports at this time. Is that the case?

Can we talk about this?

TJSArrayBufferRecord is declared in WEBLib.Controls.pas under the "Core Source" folder.
At this moment, Feature Reports aren't available at Object Pascal class level. As temporary workaround, you could directly access it via JavaScript in an ASM block.
I suggest to get in touch via direct email to discuss further evolutions of the USB support in TMS WEB Core.