How can i read the Version Info that is compiled in the Program?
Major, Minor, Release, Build
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TEXEInfo can do this:

Thank you very much for the fast Answer. ;-)


When i call EXEInfo like

ProductVersion is always
FileVersion is also
If i go into Projekt Options Version Info the FileVersion is
and ProductVersion is
the ProductName is also empty....

I use Delphi XE2 with TEXEInfo

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would be nice to get a solution.
With Delphi 2006 this works:
Label.Caption := ExeInfo.ProductName + ' ' + ExeInfo.FileVersion;
With Delphi XE2 not....

Are you sure you did set the file version info for the mode in which you compile the app?
Note that for each mode (release/debug/...) you need to set the version info separately.