How can i read the Version Info that is compiled in the Program?
Major, Minor, Release, Build
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TEXEInfo can do this:

Thank you very much for the fast Answer. ;-)


When i call EXEInfo like

ProductVersion is always
FileVersion is also
If i go into Projekt Options Version Info the FileVersion is
and ProductVersion is
the ProductName is also empty....

I use Delphi XE2 with TEXEInfo

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would be nice to get a solution.
With Delphi 2006 this works:
Label.Caption := ExeInfo.ProductName + ' ' + ExeInfo.FileVersion;
With Delphi XE2 not....

Are you sure you did set the file version info for the mode in which you compile the app?
Note that for each mode (release/debug/...) you need to set the version info separately.

Same problem here.
Shows only
Other project same settings show correctly????????
Delphi 11 latest
TMS Latest
TExeInfo version:

Note that for each mode (release/debug/...)
Settings are correct

Can you check your generated EXE file that it contains the VERSIONINFO resource?
If it contains this VERSIONINFO resource and EXEInfo cannot report this correct, please send the full source project so we can investigate this here.