TWebUpdate / windows 7

Hi there

Im using TWebUpdate to update my exe on Windows 7 clients PC's with UAC enabled.
I call   WebUpdate.DoUpdate in the running exe, every time the exe is ran.
I also have the following code....
procedure TdmData.WebUpdateAppRestart(Sender: TObject; var Allow: Boolean);
MessageDlg('Update is complete.'#13+
                    'The new version will now load.',mtinformation,[mbOK],0);
procedure TdmData.WebUpdateBeforeFileDownload(Sender: TObject;
  FileIdx: Integer; FileDescription: String; var URL: String);
MessageDlg('A new update of the software has been found!!'#13#13+
           'Please wait, while the update installs.',mtinformation,[mbOK],0);
I find that when I roll out a new version of the exe, the above 2 messages keep looping on the Windows 7 client PC's, creating many seperate processes. 
The only way to stop the looping is to kill the processes, and retry running the exe.
Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
All Im wanting to do, is a basic update of the exe from a mapped folder on the server.

OnBeforeFileDownload is not the event that is designed for notifying users that a new update is available.  TWebUpdate is designed to be used this way:

  if webupdate1.NewVersionAvailable then
    ShowMessage('a new version is available');

Other than this, are  you using the latest version of TWebUpdate?