TWebUpdate Problem


Am trying to setup TWebUpdate and TWebUpdateWizard for the first time and am having some basic functionality

When I execute the update wizard it always shows the message "no new version available".

The log file show success on connecting and finding my inf file.

My inf contains:

In the LastURLEntry Key property I have "Software/my appllication name/LastUpdateDate"  and the Save property set to true.

I would think that on first use the component should see that there is no registry key and know that it should proceed with the update.  Yet my update does not happen and the new key is not created.

Thank you for any help.


Your update date should be specified in the section [update], ie:



That solved my problem.  Thank you.

Another question.  Can you point me toward the documentation on how to put a "readme.txt" file on the users desktop as part of my update process?

Thank you,

You'd add that file just like any other files. If this needs to be put on the user desktop, you'll need to use a custom path, i.e. handle this with a custom prefix {specifier} as path and implement OnConvertPrefix to convert this to the machine's Desktop folder.