TWebUpdate on new thread

I see that the TWebUpdate component has both the methods TWebUpdate.DoUpdate and TWebUpdate.DoThreadUpdate.
Is there a way also to do TWebUpdate.NewVersionAvailable on a separate thread?

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Sorry, for this specific function, it is not available.

Is there a specific/technical reason for not implementing this, or is it simply a feature not needed?
I ask this because I am thinking about extending the WebUpdate class to add this, but maybe someone already tried this way and found some big issues...

The reason is that such call is mostly very fast and therefore there is less need to run this in a separate thread.

This is true, but if the update server does not respond istantly for some reason (heavy load, downtime) it would wait until the timeout is reached.

For these rather exceptional cases, we'll consider to add a threaded version of this call.

Thank you Mr. Fierens.
However for the moment I got it working with the solution I proposed.

Best regards.