TWebUpdate is too quiet!

I've just started using TWebUpdate and I absolutely love it.

I am using a 10MB CAB file for my update.

However, I'm a little happy that it is too quiet while it is unpacking the CAB file.
i.e. during the period after it has extracted WUREPL.EXE from the resources & terminated my app, until it has restarted my app again.

WUREPL is obviously running without a visible window at this point.
It would be handy for WUREPL to be visible, so my users know something is happening and that the computer hasn't just gone to sleep.

Is there any way of doing this?


At this time, it is by design that WUREPL.EXE is invisible. There is no setting to control this. We'll consider to add something like this optionally in a future update.