TWebUpdate & FTP requiring TLS


I have inherited a Delphi project that was updated using TWebUpdate from a FTP server. This FTP server is now shut down and I have the domain name transferred.

However, the new FTP server requires TLS (cannot change this).

I think this is the reason why the UpdateBuilder won't connect ( I get 3 of these: "[Error message] [05/01/2021 17:17:57] : Cannot connect to FTP server"

If so, am I right in thinking that the TWebUpdate component won't be able to connect either?

(I ask because I was hoping to use the TWebUpdate to deploy a new version of the software without having the user uninstall/re-install).


From TMS VCL UI Pack v10.4.3.0, TWebUpdate got support for sFTP.
So, if your FTP server implements the sFTP protocol, it can be used.

Thanks Bruno.

The application installed at the customer is quite old and I think is quite recent, so it's unlikely that it will be able to access the new SFTP server.

Thanks anyway

This feature was added last year.

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