TWebUpdate and VPNs

For many years I have used TWebUpdate with Properties set as:


with no problems. However, I've found recently that customers with VPNs get an authentication dialog requesting User Name and Password when trying to update which they do not get with non-VPN network connections. I have tried entering these details to no avail. Has anyone come across this issue and, if so, how was it resolved?


Never mind. I had Port Forwarding assigned on my test VPN. My tests now work normally with non-VPN and VPN connections. Will check whether affected customer is using a VPN or not.

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Well, the customer was using a VPN, but he still gets an authentication dialog when not using one. The TWebUpdate's properties are as follows:

Authenticate= waAuto
UdateType= httpUpdate

This has never been reported before and I am at a loss as to the reason. He is able to access update_605.INF from his browser, so there don't seem to be any access issues from his PC and the server doesn't require a password. I wonder if any TWebUpdate user has come across this issue?

Is WebUpdate.Authenticate = waNever?

No, its waAuto.

Did you try with waNever? Does it make a difference?

Well, it works ok here in testing but I haven't been able to test it with the customer. Could CertCheck = ccEnable cause a problem? I can't find anything about this property in the TWebUpdate Developers Guide.

With this setting, it can be disabled that a SSL certificate check is performed when accessing a HTTPS URL.
I cannot really see how this setting would relate to an authentication prompt you get.
I see that only WebUpdate.Authenticate has an influence on this.

Ok, thanks Bruno. I'll try and test authenticate=waNever with the customer.

Well, the customer is unable to check a Beta version with the change, so I'll have to wait until the next version of our app is released to see if it works for him.

Problem solved! Our website host had introduced a bot checker which checked, seemingly, connections from smaller ISPs and VPNs only. In those cases, a timed 'Verifying no robot...' GET Response message was sent instead of the requested .inf file. TWebUpdate then assumed that the website required a password or, if Authenticate=waNever, assumed a connection had not been made. Removing the bot checker fixed the problem.

Thanks for informing