TWebUpdate and DLL


I'd like to use the component TWebupdate for a DLL including a Form.
This DLL is called by a VBA Script from a "Closed" Application, when i do an upgrade, it will just update the DLL and not the EXE (as it's not from me).

I tried to use the component inside my DLL but it is not closing the Host Application of the DLL, is there any way to do this ?
I have one solution to make another application which will manage the TWebUpdate but i'd like to avoid having various Application and just give my DLL.

Waiting for comments,

Sorry, TWebUpdate is not designed for this purpose. TWebUpdate is designed to stop the running EXE it needs to replace and restart it but not to unload a DLL from the hosting app and even if that was possible, I cannot see how the DLL would somehow have itself reloaded from the hosting app?

Thanks for your answer,
i was thinking about stopping the host EXE yes, not just unloading.

I tried the component (maybe i didn't made it correctly), but it didn't stop the host EXE. The DLL is loaded automatically when re-starting the host EXE.
I understand it's maybe not corresponding to what i want to do....
I was believing i can use the component to make the download and then stop the host EXE (without modifying it), upgrading the DLL and then restart the host EXE.

TWebUpdate will stop the EXE if TWebUpdate is used in that EXE to update that EXE, not if it is used in a DLL loaded by a host EXE.