TWebTreeView TTreeNode.Data property?

Supposedly Pointers don't exist in javascript, but the TTreeNode item has a Data property that the IDE shows is a Pointer, which is the same as in VCL. It's not specifically mentioned in the doc, either.

I thought I'd ask about it before I mess with it too much.

I'd like to attach an object to it. Is this going to work?

When I use a TreeView, the lines at each level typically have a specific object associated with them, and I like to load them up and attach them to the items, while the Caption summarizes what's there. If you click on an item, it can quickly display additional data by accessing the object in the Data property. I'm not sure why the VCL defines it as a Pointer rather than a TObject reference, but ... that's what they did.

Pointers do not exist in JavaScript.
You can use a JSValue as reference to any other data you want to store along with the node text.