TWebStringGrid can't type dot when a cell is selected

Hi Bruno,

For TWebStringGrid, if I select a cell and then try to type say .52, the value in the cell displays as 52. It seems the cell does not recognize the dot if the dot sits at the very beginning (0.52 works well). Any advice would be helpful.

Here is the demo you can test:
97. stringgrid type (1.7 MB)

Thanks in advance.

I cannot reproduce this with latest TMS WEB Core release


I tested both dot and comma at begin.

The cell's background color changes to Blue (identified the cell has been selected), then without clicking the second time, I typed .52 into that cell. Then I found the cell's value displayed as 52.

I have also done another test: After the cell has been selected, I clicked that cell again, then status shows as follows:

so now, I can type .52 without problem:

My version number is

Thanks in advance!

The problem is now more clear that is concerns the start of editing rather than the inplace editing itself.
We could trace & solve this problem. The next update will address this.