twebrichedit anchorclick

Is there any chance to intercept the anchor click action like in fnchtmltext?
Or is there any chance to makefnchtmltext display inline graphcis?


Anchor click is not handled via an event at this moment in TWebRichEdit
Do you mean base64 encoded images with "display inline graphics"?

Yes base64 encodés OMG

Bru i will find another way, only it would be very handy

A on anchor click event in the editor would be great.

Your TMS we core with data is a real great product, in the moment I am showing some people from the professionell Java scene what can be done in few days what they cant do in month


Chuck more projects

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Thanks for your feedback.
Are you looking for OnAnchorClick while editing or do you wish to toggle the editor between edit mode and non-edit mode and use the OnAnchorClick in non-edit mode?

Yes exactly,

Just if you are interested what people do with your libs

we are building up a service desk for the biggest health insurance company in germany which does/wil serve the clients on problems with a new app which will give the clients access to the new electronic health file system.

The app is quiet complicated (made by Accenture) and we will have 100drets of agents (28 million clients).

Not all of them will know everything about the app and the multiple environment (ios/Android/Versions/HW).

So I designed a interactive knowledge base which will lead them through the problems onto a solution for the client or tho 2nd level support.

Agent will see the Hyperlinked text and get through the graph

And they should be able to edit the text (with a publishing control in the back)

The editor for the admins is FMX with BLOX and FMXFNCrichedit, works great


Thomas Holdt, MORE Projects

Thanks for this interesting insight!
Switching between editing and non-editing can already be done with the ReadOnly property.
We will investigate if we can add the OnAnchorClick event.

Would be great if we could intercept the onanchorclick, because it should make a call to the rest server and not open a page.

The switching Ro/RW does work fine