TWebListBox Error?


How found it:
I was going to try WebRTC tech because of it i am trying to do things i did in demo step by step i completed all the steps and came across this simple error.

If user Right Clicks Component and clicks Online Help Its says element should be div

If user looks at documentation it says select tag

but when user connects component with html element div tag:

  • div tag raises error
  • select tag doesnt work right
    *without html connecting does work

with div tag:

with select tag:

Demo: (1.6 MB)

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This is a mistake in the online doc. We will correct this. The PDF manual is correct. TWebListBox maps on a HTML SELECT element, hence, a SELECT element needs to be used in the template.


When i used select tag it didn't have style same as described one.

Shouldn't select tag look like this?(i mean same as component that i didn't connect to any html)

Thanks for reply.

If you want the HTML SELECT element to behave like a listbox , you should use the SIZE attribute, otherwise, it behaves as a drop down


Ohh my bad thanks for reply.

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