TWebImage questions


I am trying to use TWebImage and notice that it has a 'Frames' property. The example in the samples is very simple and doesn't seem to use it and there are no FAQ or forum questions about it that I can use. I am trying to monitor a web cam and build up a sequence of images that I can a use the component to download, store and animate these images with. Is this possible?
I've tried loading multiple images but because the URL are the same for each 'frame' they don't seem to get added. 
I notice they're is already an animate property so it must be that the frames can be animated without the addition of a timer. 


Frames is specifically for animated GIFs, it holds each frame of the GIF animation.

Hi Bruno

Thanks for your quick response!

If that's the case would you use the TWebImage to grab the image and save it to some kind of bitmap array, or use your TWebCopy  to save the image and do something similar?

I notice the TWebImage can be run in a thread so I imagine that might be better.