TWebHttpRequest info


I've downloaded the trial version of the Web Core.  It's great! Have reviewed the PDF documentation that came with it, but am not finding any info on "TWebHttpRequest".  I want to use it to retrieve info from my server using Php, then load the form and have the user update the details and post it back to my server again using Php.

Is there any documentation/examples available?


Larry Wadsworth

It was an oversight TWebHttpRequest was not yet added in the docs. We'll work on this asap.
Using TWebHttpRequest is simple though. It allows you to make HTTP GET,POST,PUT,... requests. The HTTP command is set with the command property. If you perform a post, set the data to post via PostData. When needed, you can add custom headers. Then call WebHttpRequest.Execute to perform the request and you can handle the response from the OnResponse event that will return the response data via a parameter.

Thanks Bruno,

Will give it a try.  I found the demo "SimpleService".  Will use your suggestions and what I saw with "SimpleService" and give it a try.

Larry Wadsworth