TWebGridPanel design time broken

VSC TMSWebCore v1.0.3230

When I place a TWebGridPanel onto a form, it has two column and one row by default. When adding columns and rows they are not visible. When I place a TWebPanel on the WebGridPanel it shows correctly inside the first grid panel. When I set align to alClient, it covers the whole WebGridPanel

After setting align of WebPanel1 to alClient. At run time the WebPanel shows up inside the WebGridPanel correctly

Columns and rows added at design time are not visible. The rows and columns are also not visible at run time.

On the right you can see the new columns, but they have no width, so you can go to the structure panel and set the width of those columns. In order to get your components aligned inside the cells, use the WidthStyle = ssPercent instead using Align.

We fixed this design-time issue.
The next update will address this.