TWebFileUpload - docs/Examples?

Are there any docs or examples available for TWebFileUpload?

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I thought I'd have a play with this, but the app won't compile if I have the control on the form. The exception I get is :

[Error] Buzz.Location.Edit.pas(1): Incompatible type arg no. 1: Got "String", expected "TComponent"

I cannot see an error here.

How exactly can this be reproduced?

I have rebuilt the form from scratch and this seems to have it fixed.

Ok, ignore that last comment of mine.

Steps to reproduce:

1. create new web core application
2. drop a TWebFileUpload control on the form
3. build the app - that should work
4. give the control an element id
5. build the app ..... BOOM!

ElementId serves to map a control to an existing HTML element in the HTML template.
If there isn't a HTML to map to, it should not be set.

This is a compile error that happens whether there is or isn't an existing div with the shared id. Also this compile error is not raised with other components even if there isn't an existing element in the html file to map to.

Can you send some sample source project with which we can reproduce this here as  it is not clear how exactly you use this and see an error.

I'll raise a ticket and send to that.

Received & fixed.

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