TWebDBListControl.OnListItemGetFieldValue - unknown property

I dropped a TWebDBListControl on a form, connected it all up, edited the item template and set the OnListItemGetFieldValueProperty. This app compiles but at run time I get

Unknown property: "OnListItemGetFieldValue" | fMessage::Unknown property: "OnListItemGetFieldValue"

The user guide says the Event is called OnItemGetFieldValue() but the code in WebLib.DBCtrls has it as

property OnListItemGetFieldValue: TListItemFieldValueEvent read FOnListItemGetFieldValue write FOnListItemGetFieldValue;

in TDBListControl.

Any ideas?

Also, even with the DataSource and DataField set, it doesn't poplulate.

unclean install?

Did you first FULLY uninstall the previous version from Windows Control Panel?

Always a full install done, and delete folders too, if they are still there.

I have noticed that there is a new release, so I'll try that.