TWebDBImageControl Stretch / Proportional property not found


I'm a TWebDBImageControl in a Web Form and assign the image from a url like

images/item001.jpg Example...

Sometimes the height or width of the image is larger than the dimensions of the control.

Then, the image adapt to the control if the property "AutoSize" is set to true.

This wotks fine. But the redimension is not proportional and the image is distorsioned.

This control does not have the stretch or proportional property.

How can i fix this ?


Set WebImageControl.HeightStyle or WebImageControl.WidthStyle to ssAuto and control with the other WebImageControl.WidthStyle or WebImageControl.HeightStyle the size you want to use for rendering and the image will be rendered proportionally with the Width or Height specified where WebImageControl.WidthStyle or WebImageControl.HeightStyle = ssAbsolute

Hi Bruno,

It runs !

I set the properties of the TWebDBImageControl like this:

  • AutoSize:=false;
  • HeigthStyle:= Absolute;
  • WidthStyle:= Auto;

Thanks !