TWebDbGrid.SaveToFile issue

The TWebDbGrid.SaveToFile() method generates an incorrect header row. Please check the attached csv file. (842 Bytes)

Without any further detail, I cannot deduct from just this CSV file what could be wrong.
I added a grid.SaveToCSV() to the DBGrid in demo Demo\Basics\DBGrid and this CSV output is correct.

In your example the columns in the WebDbGrid are already defined at design time. In my case the WebDbGrid is 'virgin'.


At runtime the grid is filled up with json via:
WebClientConnectionSyntaxa.Uri := url;
WebClientConnectionSyntaxa.Active := True;

Was retested where the Demo\Basics\DataSet demo was used, WebDBGrid was added without any initialization.

It got filled correct from the data

and the header row is exported correct:

So, compare and use it like with this demo

I created a test app using the same components and this time correct csv output is created. Still puzzling why the production app creates such csv files with enriched header.