TWEBDBEdit Paste Problem


I don't know if this was the case before but pasting into a TWebDBEdit, at least one that is set as weNumeric, isn't updating properly e.g. testing the length of the text shows it at the old value.



I don't understand.

what exactly does mean " testing the length of the text shows it at the old value."  ?

I can't replicate it in a simple test case. Please leave with me for now.

I can see why this couldn't be replicated with a one input field example. The problem is that just pasting is not eting the underlying dataset into edit mode. See for an example. Don't edit it first, just paste ia number nto one of the boxes and then click on the next box.



Can you please give me an update on the status of this?

I have been able to reproduce with the TWebDBEdit when pasting a number.
We are currently investigating how this issue can be resolved and will report back as soon as possible.


This issue was traced & solved. The next update will address this.

Great, many thanks.