TWebDateTimePicker OnChange already fires when changing month

When opening the calendar of a DateTimePicker and changing the month or the year in order to navigate to the desired date, the OnChange event already fires (kicking of a database query in my case). This is unwanted.

Is it possible to configure the picker such that the OnChange event only fires when finally the day of the month is clicked? Or is there anything I can check, when handling the OnChange event, to find out if the calendar is still visible so I can skip the event?

Many thanks!

OnChange surfaces the JavaScript event on the HTML INPUT element. We cannot change when this underlying JavaScript event is triggered.

Any chance to get to know if the calendar popup is still open/visible while handling the (unwanted) OnChange event?

So far, I found no evidence that in the HTML DOM this state of the dropdown can be programmatically retrieved.

Ok, thank you Bruno anyways for taking the time to have a look. I will change the logic of my program to not rely on the OnChange event.