TWebDateTimePicker calendar disappeared


i am seeing a strange thing, i don't know what i'm doing wrong.

Yesterday i have upgraded to version of WebCore. Today, my customers had told me that the TWebDateTimePicker component doesn't show anymore the calendar part, when you click on the component.

To make the story short, it seems that now on Chrome and Edge the calendar doesn't show up. On Firefox , it shows up normally.

I've also downgraded to version, and with this version the calendar shows up on all browsers.

I've analyzed some of the source code of the TWebDateTimePicker, seen the upgrade history, and i've also noted that the two new properties Checked and ShowCheckBox doesn't appears in the Object Inspector.

Now, i think i am lost, i don't know if there is a problem with the new version of the component (i've also seen the topic 13170 on this forum), if i have to disinstall / reinstall all the Web Core package, or if i am using it in a wrong way.

Thank you, ciao !


Retested here with a new project, default TWebDateTimePicker on the form and this appears on Chrome (or other browser).
What is possibly specific to your component settings?

I've seen now that my last reply was not posted... I've found some sort of response.

First: the TWebDateTimePicker field was simply too short. So, on Firefox it was visible the button on right, and on Chrome it was hided

Second: with the previous version of WebCore, when you click on the component on form, the calendar appeared automatically. With the last version, the calendar appears only when you click on button.

The combination of [button hided] and [calendar not automatic] made my wrong assumption.

Thank you Bruno, as always !


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