TWebCountry Controls

  1. Have a section at the top that can be populated with selected countries, maybe a set or array of codes.

  2. Have a CountryCode property that returns the ISO Code (2 or 3 characters) for the selected country.

  3. Add the Value property to TWebCountryDropDown as well as TWebLookupComboBox

  4. Add an OnAfterListLoad event

The list is loaded from the constructor, so it does not make sense to add an OnAfterListLoad event. It is loaded even before the event handler is assigned.

Thanks Bruno. That will teach me to check the source - I see that there are methods to get Code/Name, but they aren't part of the objects, which is fine. So ignore 2, 3 and 4 - But I'll leave 1 :slight_smile:

You expected these in selected area at top & duplicated in list below selected ones or moved?

Good question. I think normally they are moved.

We'll consider this & investigate technically.

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