TWebContinuousScroll OnItemGetFieldValue


In the OnItemGetFieldValue how do I access other fields?



There is no interface to access from there the other field values via the component.
I assume that you have these field values anyway at application level (since application level feeds the values).

No as I am just loading it from the OnFetchNextPage event.

I'm sorry but I do not understand what you try to do.
When you implement OnItemGetFieldValue, I assume you have the values for fields you want to set, so all values I would assume are available at application level.

I have added a field in the item template that is not in the json array e.g. (%testdata%).

I want to be able to set this somwhere based on the data from other fields. How do I do this?

OnJSONToItem is triggered when a new item is added.
Make sure you have in application variables all values you need for the new item. Set these variables to the proper values depending on other values. When these application level variables are set, feed these to the control via all subsequent OnItemGetFieldValue events that will be triggered.

Ah, I see. Thank you!