TWebClientDataset No key field

Hello! I 've a TwebClientConnection and WebClientDataSet and I can get content of table via GET to a dbgrid, but when I try to delete one record, I get and error "No key field", and the request is not sent to the server.

Someone knows a posible solution?

I cannot see such problem. For example in the Demo\Basics\DataSet demo there is no key field but there is no problem to delete a record in this demo.

Hi, yes I saw that demo and tried to replicate, but still with that error.
After trying some things, the error disappeared when I set Twebclientdataset.IDField to the id field of the table. Now I have no error, but the request to the rest server is like this.
DELETE /products/2
And it should be DELETE /products?id=2

How could I insert that "?id=" in the request?


We will add an event in the next update via which you can customize this URL.

ok perfect!.