TWebClientDataSet Nested DataSets


I need to create a Dataset with nested datasets inside.

When i use TClientDataSet or TFDMemTable i can make nested datasets usind TFieldDef.ChildDefs property.

With ChildDefs property of field with type ftDataSet i can add the "sub"fields.

Using TWebClientDataSet i can see the property ChildDefs of TFieldDef but when i compile the project raise an error with text: "Identifier not found "ChildDefs".

Can you help me with this ?

How can i create nested datasets using TWebClientDataSet ?


If yoy want you can download two projects for the example. One with TClientDataSet that runs ok and another one with TWebClientDataSet with the problem when i compile it.

Nobody can help me ???!!!

This is part of the pas2js RTL.
Sorry, I have not yet played with this capability.


It seems that twebclientdataset not support nested datasets...


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