TWebClientConnection httpPOST for jsonRPC connections

i am using TWebClientConnection , httpPOST to connect to my ERP server,
with same end point, the postman app can be called with success but not with TWebClientConnection , i screenshots my Postman app below,


and with the above, i can submit to my ERP and get the response below...

so now when it comes back to TMS webcore, using the component to make a call with below property

  1. postdata, is the same as the postman's body value

  2. headers with value ,

  3. command set to httpPOST,
    but at the server , i keep getting error as follow,

/jsonrpc: Function declared as capable of handling request of type 'json' but called with a request of type 'http'

please advice , is there any mistake i made ?


TWebClientConnection already sets by default the header to
so, you should not add this again to the headers.