TWebBrowser runtime failure

I updated Delphi to 11 and am working with the current trial of Delphi VCL. I'm test with an app having only the TadvWebBrowser. I see the "EDGE CHROMIUM 119.0.2151.72 IS SUCCESSFULLY INITIALIZED! " screen.
On run I get:
Exception EReadError in module TestUnit1.exe at 00C8664. Error reading AdvWebBrowser1.ParentDoubleBuffered: Propery ParentDoubleBuffered does not exist.
I've rebuilt / compiled the program removing components and libraries to no avail.
Any ideas???


If there is a missing property, it could be possible that you are using a different version at designtime than runtime. Please check properly that there is only one version of TMS FNC Core installed, and you installed it in the latest available RAD Studio 11 trial with all updates installed.

Couple of clarifications. This is not FNC but the TWebBrowser in the VCL Component Pack. I am using the VCL componebt pack trial and the CE of RADStudio - Delphi. I "uninstalled" the previous VCL Components as well as the previous version of Delphi. Any clues to check for the different design and run time version. My design time TWebBrowser does have the DoubleBuffer property. I never get to "run time" as it always failes with the same buffer error. I've checked referenced libraries and none point to "outdated" directories, which have all been deleted, in any event.