turn off slide animation on detailview?

Is it possible to turn off the animation of a detail view when it comes into view on the tableview?

I am looking for more ways to improve the speed when using this component. If I can get a panel to just pop into view rather than slide in and out (which is jerky at best) I might be able to get somewhere. If I submit my app to Apple currently they would reject it on the way the detail panels slide in and out I'm sure.
I couldn't see anything in the styles for the tableview's parts to do this.


With this in the FormCreate, the animation should be close to zero.

  TMSFMXTableView1.GetDetailAnimation.Duration := 0.001;
  TMSFMXTableView1.GetListDetailAnimation.Duration := 0.001;

The value zero itself will not work because the events that are needed after animation is finished are not triggered due to a bug in FireMonkey.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

Oh yes, much snappier now. Thank you heaps.