TTMSFNCWXSpeechSynthesis Component Free extra-time and deployment requirements

I'm using the TTMSFNCWXSpeechSynthesis component.
I have two questions:

  1. I create dynamically the component, it works as expected.
    (Speech := TTMSFNCWXSpeechSynthesis.create(Form1); Speech.Parent := Form1;)
    When I free the component, there is an extra-time of 5-6 seconds.
    Even, if I don't use the component...
    This does not happen with the demo.
  2. When I deploy my application with this component, what should I include in my distribution?
    I have seen "WebView2Loader_x64.dll" & "WebView2Loader_x86.dll", is there anything else?
    Thanks for your help and best regards!


I've not been able to reproduce this issue on our side. Would it be possible to share more details about the application and when you use the TTMSFNCWXSpeechSynthesis component.

Regarding your second question, you should indeed include both these DLL's.