TTMSFNCWebBrowser LoadHTML not showing local images (VCL)

When using LoadFile() the browser shows local images, both absolute and relative to the file location. But when loading the exact same HTML in LoadHTML(), the images are not found. What can I do?

This is by design, you can include images as an URL, or base64. Only when loading a file, with LoadFile, you will have access to local files.

Every browser component I have worked with until now supported local files. What is the reason that this browser does not?
The TTMSFNCCustomMaps component has the option LocalFileAccess that allows usage of local files. Could this be a possibility?

LocalFileAccess saves the HTML to a file in the Windows temporary directory, and then uses LoadFile mechanism internally. The browser that is being used is based on Edge Chromium and this is done for security reasons. There is currently no workaround other than using the LoadFile mechanic. We are monitoring changes regulary and will see if future updates of the API allow to set / mark a folder that can be used to access local files.