TTMSFNCTreeView Filter Exception

In the trial version, I created the application and everything works, after installing the full version, the application stopped working. I created a simple test:

procedure TForm1.FormShow (Sender: TObject);
Filter: TTMSFNCTreeViewFilterData;
Filter: = TMSFNCTreeView1.Filter.Add;
Filter.Column: = 0;
Filter.Condition: = '!TEST*'; // Fail
// Filter.Condition: = 'TEST*'; // It`s OK

After starting the application, "Range check error" exception occurs in FMX.TMSFNCUtils.pas Matches.


We have fixed this issue, the next version of TMS FNC Core will address this.

Can you give me a function Matches code fix before the update is released?

You can use {$RANGECHECKS OFF} {$RANGECHECKS ON} around the function in FMX.TMSFNCUtils.pas to workaround the issue.

It works, thank you

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