TTMSFNCTrackBar Bug in OnChanged Event

The event OnChanged on Windows 32Bit behaves not as expected. Event is fired when mouse down and mouse up happens. This event should fire when value changed. Now the event OnChanged is a OnChange event and not an OnChanged. It is impossible to retrieve in this event the new value of the component. Please fix.

Same for Event OnValueChanged. This Event is fired when you move the slider for every single minimum step. It should be OnValueChange. Maybe you add an extra event onValueChanged and relabel the onValueChanged to OnValueChange.


We are unable to reproduce this and the OnChanged event is actually never called from the mouse down and mouse up events. It's only called from the mouse move so it's probably what you see as well.

The naming is incorrect as it was supposed to be the OnChange event but it went unnoticed for too long to just simply rename it now. We'll look to introduce an OnChange while keeping OnChanged too and just remap where these events are called.

We added OnValueChange. The next version will contain the changes for that.