TTMSFNCSVGImageCollection vs TTMSFNCBitmapContainer

What is the difference between them?
I prefer the TTMSFNCSVGImageCollection especially for SVG images and it is really helpful to organize them in the list.
TTMSFNCBitmapContainer in VCL does not show the images and it is a bit tricky with errors in the IDE interfaces sometimes.
The problem is that all FNC controls request the TTMSFNCBitmapContainer. How can we use TTMSFNCSVGImageCollection with FNC controls? Is it possible to have something to bridge them for not having to keep the same images in two components?
Thank you in advance

TTMSFNCSVGImageCollection is created to be able to interface with the Delphi TVirtualImageList.

The problem is that FNC controls require TTMSFNCBitmapContainer and all the others TTMSFNCSVGImageCollection. And TTMSFNCBitmapContainer is a bit buggy in the IDE.
Is it possible to use TTMSFNCSVGImageCollection somehow with FNC controls?
My TTMSFNCBitmapContainer as I can see it in the IDE

We haven't really seen this issue in the IDE. The TTMSFNCSVGImageCollection is just a wrapper to provide SVGs to controls other than FNC controls. The TTMSFNCBitmapContainer is for FNC controls only, we'll see what is possible to also provide support for the virtual image list.

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