TTMSFNCStatusBar change color web link

OS: Debian 10 LXDE 64bit
Lazarus 2.0.12
FPC 3.2.2

sb: TTMSFNCStatusBar;

sb.Panels.Items[2].Text := test : <a href="> ;

sb.Panels.Items[2].Style := spsHTML;

how can i change the color with which the link is written
I have changed the syntax so that I can write that it is html text


There is no separate setting for this, but you can try to implement the OnBeforeDrawPanel event where you cat set the AGraphics.URLColor to the color of your choice.

This worked.

is there any possibility to add it to (

For that we'll need to expose the URLColor as a setting at component level so it can be persisted.
We'll add this to our todo list for investigation.