I want to store the Image of TTMSFNCSignatureCapture to a Blob-Field in a MS-SQL-Database via xdata. Could you please give me an example how to do this.

Thank you, Stefan

The TMSFNCSignatureCapture demo in TMS WEB Core already shows how you can get the signature as base64 encoded string (TMSFNCSignatureCapture.GetBase64Img)
You can as such retrieve the image this way and store it via XData to a database text field.

Thank you very much Bruno. That helped. Now I can store the signature to a Database-Field of Type(nvarchar(max) in MS SQL-Server). But now I want to Display the stored data as an Image in my VCL-Application. I tried to convert with TNetEncoding but that doesn't work. Is there an example anywhere how to do it in VCL? Thank you, Stefan

It is a matter of converting the base64 string (strip off the data type specifier from the string though) to binary data and then you can read this binary data in a TPNGImage for example.

i.e. something similar to:

  stream: TBytesStream;
  stream := TBytesStream.Create(DecodeBase64(base64));