TTMSFNCResponsiveList and "Load more...."


TTMSFNCResponsiveList is a very interesting component.
I try to test it.

But I would like to use it as an "infinite" scroll. To do that I need to know when the user is in the last record.
I only find the OnAfterDrawItem event to do it :

procedure TForm4.TMSFNCResponsiveList1AfterDrawItem(Sender: TObject;
  AGraphics: TTMSFNCGraphics; AItem: TResponsiveListItem; ARect: TRect);
     if AItem.Index>=TMSFNCResponsiveList1.Items.count-1 then
       caption:='Load More...';


But it's not the nice event to insert items...
So how to do it properly ?

Hi, we'll investigate your question as soon as possible.