TTMSFNCRating: "Class not found" when inside a TStyleBook

While migrating from FMX to FNC components we replaced a TTMSFMXRating inside an TStyleBook with its FNC counterpart, but at runtime, at form creation, encontered the exception Class TTMSFNCRating not found.

We tried adding a TTMSFNCRating outside the stylebook, in the same form thinking it was a initialization problem but the result was the same. After inspecting the source of this component we noticed that this particular class lacks a RegisterRuntimeClasses procedure which is present on other FNC classes, so we added the override:
procedure RegisterRuntimeClasses; override;
And the implementation:


Which, after recompiling the runtime package, effectively solved the problem, but it would be awesome if this is included in a eventual update for TMS FNC UI Pack.

This has been added and will be supported in the next update of the TMS FNC UI Pack.

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