When using the text below on resizing the browser the text is being cut off on the right.

I have tried calling UpdateControlAfterResize but it makes no difference.



<P  indent="0"><FONT size="16"><IMG src="Bullet"/><B>Quick and simple</B> importing from any online bank or credit card account.</P>
<P  indent="0"><IMG src="Bullet"/><B>One click submission</B> of VAT returns.</P><P  indent="24">Full UK and EC VAT compliance including cash accounting and flat rate schemes.MTD compliant. Listed on the <A href="">HM Revenue &amp; Customs</A> site as software that has been tested.</P>
<P  indent="0"><IMG src="Bullet"/><B>Simple</B> one click Annual Accounts generation for:</P><P  indent="24">Companies, Partnerships &amp; Sole Traders.</P>
<P  indent="0"><IMG src="Bullet"/><B>Instant production of</B>:</P><P  indent="24">Balance Sheet, Profit &amp; Loss, Cost Centre Reports,Trial Balance, VAT Return, Invoices &amp; Statements, etc.</P>
<P  indent="0"><IMG src="Bullet"/><B>Prices start at £79</B>+VAT p.a.</P><P  indent="24">This is a Windows desktop computer accounting software application where you have control over your own data and are not reliant on having to be connected to the internet. Simply Accounts is far from a simpleaccounts package!</P></FONT>


We have investigated this here and have applied a fix! The next version will address this.

Many thanks.