TTMSFNCHTMLText does not follow the resizing of the form

OS: Debian 10 LXDE 64bit
Lazarus 2.0.12
FPC 3.2.2



TMSFNCHTMLText1.Align := alBottom;
TMSFNCHTMLText1.WordWrapping := true;

TMSFNCHTMLText1.text := I write more lines of text

When I change the size of the form, the text becomes choppy.
When I click on the form the text becomes correctly written.

This could be related to the rendering engine of the operating system. can you provide more info?, a sample screenshot?

I recorded a video in mp4 format, but you tube in google changed the way of transferring the file, so I don't know anymore, how to upload the video.

When I expand the form in the place where the text is, dots become, it is on linux, and it works correctly on windows

please show a screenshot of the application.

I sent a private message, I can't do it here.
it says 100% downloaded and still continues to download