for the TWebStringGrid there is a brilliant possibility to load db-data from a JSON Response by a service.

Is there a similar possibility for the TTMSFNCGrid also? I do not find one.

Many thanks

It can be done via the TTMSFNCGridDataBaseAdapter.
There is a demo in the Demo\FNC\Grid DatabaseAdapter folder that demonstrates this.

Hi Bruno,

I know that demo and it is very helpful. But if I understand it right, a Dataset / DataSource isnecessary. 
I am looking for a possibility to get the data without a dataset or a datasource.

In the TWebStringGrid it is possible by TWebStringGrid.LoadFromJSON(URL); 

In the TTMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter and in the TTMSFNCGrid I can not find a possiblity like LoadFromJSON...

Many thanks

This is currently not implemented. We'll investigate if we can add support for this.

That would be a brilliant improvement of the TTMSFNCGrid! 

I like to hear the result.

Many thanks

Hi, any news on TTMSFNCGrid.LoadFromJson or similar?

We haven't yet allocated time to investigate this unfortunately, we have a very busy schedule.